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TractionPlus™ Roller Covering

TractionPlus™ Specifications

Non-slip, high coefficient of friction elastomer material, provides maximum traction for conveyor roller surfaces

  • High coefficient of friction – the force that holds things together – provides maximum traction for a non-slip roller surface
    – 10X the coefficient of friction of metal rollers
    – 2X the coefficient of friction of polyurethane covered rollers
  • Maximum traction enables rollers to tightly grip products, eliminate slipping and sliding and keep items moving along, especially on inclines
  • Heavy-duty, long lasting, 60 mils thick, radiation cross-linked elastomer material provides superior abrasion-resistance
  • Significantly reduces noise and vibration
  • Protects and cushions wood, fragile glass and delicate finishes and surfaces against scratches and damage from bare metal
  • Custom-engineered for high performance and long service life in harsh, industrial manufacturing environments and highly corrosive areas
  • Non-marking – will not stain, rust, crack or peel and easy to clean
  • TractionPlus™ roller sleeves contain no hazardous materials

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TractionPlus™ Technical Data

Minimum Recommended Shrink Temperature: 135°C (275°F)

Operating Temperature Range: -70°C to 121°C (-94°F to 250°F)

Tensile Strength: 2,100 psi

Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to fuels. oils, solvents, acids, alkalis and non-corrosive

  • TractionPlus™ roller covers are flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • TractionPlus™ roller covers are made in the USA from the finest premium-grade, 100% virgin materials

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Standard Color


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Standard Size

Standard size TractionPlus™ conveyor roller and skatewheel covers shrink to fit and tightly conform to the most popular sizes of conveyor rollers and skatewheels used in industrial conveyor systems

Straight Rollers
Outside Diameter of
Conveyor Roller:


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TractionPlus™ is supplied in 50 ft. rolls that can be cut to fit any roller length with minimum scrap