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VinylGuard Features


VinylGuard is specifically engineered to provide thick, rugged, long-lasting roller coating protection for ALL rollers on powered and unpowered conveyor systems

  • VinylGuard roller sleeves quickly and easily shrink over straight rollers as well as tapered rollers and skatewheels, when heat is applied
  • No special tools, lengthy pre-heating, lubricants, compressed air, epoxies or glues are needed to secure VinylGuard to conveyor rollers
  • 100 ft. continuous length spools of VinylGuard minimizes cut-to-length scrap
  • Heavy cutting tools are unnecessary —  simply use a scissors to cut lengths of VinylGuard, which thickens during shrinking

VinylGuard industrial roller covers have been designed and tested for durability and longevity and will last thousands of hours & millions of cycles

  • Tough VinylGuard conveyor rollers covers have been tested for over 1 million operating cycles on material handling equipment with NO measurable wear or degradation
  • VinylGuard tightly adheres without epoxies and glues so VinylGuard roller covers can be quickly and easily removed and replaced without damaging the rollers
  • VinylGuard roller covers are highly resistant to chemicals, oils, grease, acids, chlorinated cleansers, salt, salt water, moisture, fungus and corrosion
  • VinylGuard roller covers are easy to clean, non-marking and will not stain, rust, crack or peel
  • Tough, long-lasting, abrasion-resistant VinylGuard roller covers will protect even the most delicate materials from scratches and damage

VinylGuard cushioning, shock absorbing covering system for 1.9″ – 2.0″ rollers prevents abrasion and damage to delicate surfaces and finishes and significantly reduces noise and vibration.

  • 1/4″ thick nitrile butadiene foam rubber cushions weights of up to 40 pounds per square inch – A 10-inch roller supports loads of up to 400 pounds over its full weight
  • Custom diameter-sized VinylGuard shrinks down to secure and protect the foam rubber
  • Closed-cell construction foam rubber won’t absorb or transmit moisture or liquids used for sanitary wash-downs and maintenance
  • Trims to fit any length roller with minimum scrap waste
NOTE: A minimum of 5/8″ spacing between rollers before applying is required

TractionPlus™ high coefficient of friction elastomer material provides maximum traction for a non-slip conveyor roller surface

  • 10X the coefficient of friction of metal conveyor rollers
  • 2X the coefficient of friction of polyurethane covered rollers
  • Heavy-duty, long lasting, 60 mils thick covering, cushions and protects products and keeps them moving along, especially on inclines

We manufacture Food-Grade USFDA (21 CFR) VinylGuard roller sleeves for conveyor rollers which comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for indirect contact with food